The Grind with Gunnar Nelson

Gunnar Nelson will return to the octagon tonight at the UFC 231 in Toronto, Canada. Gunnar Nelson will fight ranked number 13 fighter in the UFC Welterweight division,  Alex ‘Cowboy’ Oliveira. Gunnar and his team Mjölnir in Iceland has been making a shows named The Grind, where Gunnar Nelson shows what goes on behind the scenes during the training camp and the last few days before the fight.

1st episode:



Episode 2: This episode is taken 8 days before his fight against Alex Oliveira and the training camp is about to be over:


Episode 3: Gunnar´s last day in Iceland before he flew over to Toronto.


Episode 4: Gunnar Nelson has Arrived in Toronto.


Episode 5: Gunnar Nelson does some media obligations and more stuff related to the fight week in Toronto:

Episode 6: Gunnar Nelson meets his opponent Alex Oliveira at the hotel, does some photoshoots with the UFC and more media obligations.


Episode 7: The last episode Gunni prepares for the Weigh-ins. The preparation for the fight is over.

Good luck tonight Gunnar Nelson!


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