ONE Championship revolutionary weigh in program

We all know the feeling of the excitement during the fight week when our favorite fighter, exciting prospect or just a ridiculously stacked fight card that we can’t wait to happen.

On the day of weigh-ins, we (as a fans) tend to get anxious and stressed that our favorite fighters, brilliant matchups or even title fights get cancelled, all because of fighters problems with the weigh cut.

We all know the disappointment following that kind of news after such weigh-ins. We end up in an emotional rollercoaster looking for good news to come in to save our evening. Sometimes that happens and sometimes that does not. Example of a good news is when a champion in the UFC did lose 2 pounds in only 2 minutes just by adding a towel in front of the scale. He saved the title fight and most of us enjoyed the fight. Sometimes the fighters were not that lucky and end up hospitalized dehydrated or worse (we are not doctors but they can end up in a critical condition or even live threatening condition). And ofcourse the fight is cancelled

This is not how it is done in the ONE Championship.

The ONE Championship has established revolutionary weigh-in program:


The One Championship´s weight classes are unlike any other martial arts organization in the world. They ban weight cutting by dehydration, they choose instead a revolutionary system that ensures athletes are fully hydrated, fit and healthy ahead of their bouts.

  • Heavyweight 102.2 kg – 120.2 kg
  • Light Heavyweight 93,1kg – 102,1 kg
  • Middleweight 84,0kg – 93,0kg
  • Welterweight 77,2 kg – 83,9 kg
  • Lightweight 70,4 kg – 77,1 kg
  • Featherweight 65,9 kg – 70,3 kg
  • Bantamweight 61,3 kg – 65,8 kg
  • Flyweight 56,8 kg – 61,2 kg
  • Strawweight 52,3 kg – 56,7kg
  • Atomweight 47,7 kg – 52,2 kg

Their program is focused on athlete safety by introducing “walking weight” competition. It means that the walking weight of each athlete is determined by a robust system that will track the athletes’ weight on a regular basis throughout the period the athlete is contracted to ONE.

The general regulations and policies related to athletes weight:

  • Athletes must submit their current walking weight and daily training weight regularly. Athletes will input and track their daily weight online via a dedicated web portal.
  • Athletes will be assaigned to their weight class based on collated data and random weight checks. Athletes are not allowed to drop a weight class less than eight weeks out from an event.
  • During fight week, weights are checked daily. Urine specific gravity hydration tests all week and up to three hours before the event. If an athlete falls outside the weigh, or fails a test, they are disqualified from the event. If an athlete falls outside the weight, or fails a test, they are disqualified from the event. Doctors may request additional testing at their discretion.
  • Catch weight bouts are allowed. However, the athlete with the higher weight will not be heavier than 105%of the lighter opponents weight.
  • ONE will conduct random weight checks on athletes at its discretion.
  • Athletes may petition to change weight classes outside of the eight-week competiotion zone and must be within their new desired weight at that time. In addition, athletes must pass a spcific gravity urine test when their weight is within the limits of the newly tetioned weight class. ONE doctors can request additional testing to determine the amount of weight drop allowed over a specific time.
  • The usage of IVs for the purpose of rehydration will not be allowed.


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