John Kavanagh suggest Gunnar Nelson vs Darren Till for UFC Dublin main event on May 27th.

kavanagh Gunni

John Kavanagh, Gunnar Nelson´s coach has made a suggestion for potential UFC Dublin main event. He wants Gunnar Nelson vs Darren Till. Gunni´s home away from home in Iceland is Dublin, Ireland where he has spent a lot of training at Dublin´s Straight Blast Gym. Gunnar Nelson fought Zak Cummings at UFC Dublin in 2014 in the co-main event. Where the crowd in the attendance cheered for him as their own. Gunnar Nelson is very popular in Ireland and most people there think that he is from Ireland. According to John Kavanagh and Gunni´s team fight against Darren Till was in the works for UFC London in March this year. Darren Till turned down the fight because of illness but posted a not so ill picture where he was partying with his friends in Brazil a few days later. According to Darren Till´s team, they denied the fight in London but agreed to fight Gunni later this year. Rumoured UFC Dublin card is supposed to take place on Sunday 27th of May.

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